Peace and Conflict

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CSI follows the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus approach and includes peace and conflict interventions into its work with target communities.

To anchor its work in peacebuilding and social cohesion in communities, CSI established Community Learning Centers. Through these Centers, CSI carries out a variety of activities aiming at strengthening social cohesion, working towards a diverse, pluralistic and inclusive society. Targeting locations where communities of different ethnicity reside in close proximity, CSI programming is likely to have contributed to an increase in intercultural interactions.

A key part of this programming is strengthening community ownership of the Community Learning Centers. To this end, CSI is forming village tract advisory committees and includes them in the management and operations of the Centers. As CSI programming in the Centers reduces, local communities will increasingly take charge of activities and finally assume full ownership. The space and joint management of the Centers across ethnic and religious differences contributes to increased intercommunal relations, lowering the likelihood of tensions and conflict.